Because the Founder CEO & Director Prof. Sanjeev Sharma           has already given award winning Start – Up: “Institute of                 Professional Life Guards” and is aspired now, to multiply                    himself by converting this youth of  Middle Income               Lower Income Group in to an Entrepreneur

Course Highlights

70% Practical and 30% Theory, We need only those aspirants who want to be an Entrepreneur than Employee, Focus on becoming an entrepreneur rather getting good grades, Capacity Identification and Capacity Building of an budding Entrepreneur to ensure the dream come true!

Forbes SEYE

        A rich Compilation of insights on business environment,                organisations culture, importance of value system in an                     organisation, Entrepreneur and how to decode the                               current events those are happening around us,                     using all to make it happen and with success!

Real Time Start Ups

       Here you will not only learn how to plan your business                     but also how to start and set up your dream to be                            an Entrepreneur! You set up your  start – up and                               also will learn how to nurture your start – up                   & you must nurture as it is your own baby!


Generally, the courses being offered in the country are majorly  of routine type where a learner learns a  large number of theories on entrepreneurship with burdened evaluation  structure. Entrepreneurship development is usually referred by such organisations is: “Developing a spirit of an entrepreneur in a professional, who majorly acts as a manager rather an entrepreneur”.

what we offer


The following diagrams will show the direction of philosophy of the Founder CEO and Director Prof. Sanjeev Sharma towards developing this SEYE under the ages of Institute of Contemporary Studies and how the vision statement is going to be achieved! 

At SEYE, Prof. Sanjeev Sharma Believes

“Producing for the economy the real time entrepreneurs, where one shall work hard for starting up a business venture rather than working hard for preparing for evaluation scheme and better grades that kills the purpose”

What SEYE want you to do?

The above diagram shows you, at SEYE what we expect out of you right from the point of time you become a part of SEYE family till the time you earn your award and be an Entrepreneur! The processes you see above in the picture clearly highlights practical approach towards entrepreneurship.

The Course Outline

The above diagram shows you that, at SEYE the scheme that how we will be artistically crafting you from being present employee transformed into the new age entrepreneur! This will help the institute to attain it’s Vision Statement & the Mission Statement.  

Evaluation Criteria

  1. The only course in the World with no examination, so that budding entrepreneurs can focus on their work rather planning to pass exams!
  2. Contemporary evaluation technique one of its kind in the world!
  3. Entrepreneurial Aptitude
  4. Entrepreneurial Attitude
  5. I have to do it Approach

Characteristics of the Course

Countries first and one of its kind course on Entrepreneurship being designed by Institute of Contemporary Studies (ICS), where the course is aimed at the following:

  1. Developing young and amateur entrepreneurs!
  2. The concept of 3 N’s is to be followed, i.e.; A) New Age Entrepreneurs, B) New Age Contemporary Course, C) New Age Evaluation System
  3. No examinations
  4. Practical’s > Theory, as SEYE is not focused on to make Excellent Managers 
  5. Unique and the only course of its kind in the country
  6. Aims to empower Youth of middle income group

The Awards

Award winning Start – Up and other pioneering projects that aspires……..

Institute of Professional Life Guards

IPLG was started in the year of 2009 May, when the Founder CEO realized, while he was the acting Dean (Management) at D.S. Inst. of Tech. Mgt., learnt and realized that his students felt about their Dean cum teacher, seems to only preaching  entrepreneurship and do not dare it to be one himself. Today, IPLG is the recipient of 4 National  Awards those includes; the prestigious, India 5000 Best MSME Awards for the year ‘2017 and 2018’;  the NIER’s Emerging Leadership Award’19 and NHWC’s Rashtriya Gaurav Samman and 1 International Award from famous Campbell University (USA) for its Research and Development done.

Institute of Contemporary Studies

The foundation of ICS was laid down in April the year of 2011 at Delhi. The vision of this institute was not  only to develop but also to present the  society the  vivid new age products in  the form of the courses and other qualitative initiatives taken, those enriches the  society with its  indigenous contemporary  products. The 1st addition by the ICS was IJMTR in the year  2011. Now, with  SEYE ICS has strengthened the society with it’s 2nd  product, which will focus  upon the society  not only with respect to economic  values but also uplift the society in the qualitative aspects and /or HDI. 

International Journal of Mgt. and Technology Research

IJMTR is one of its kind start – up, where  a platform has been provided to the students  (who are amateur researchers) to get their research  work  published without hassles. IJMTR has also organised 2 workshops to spread the  awareness amongst  these novice researchers to make them realize that research is easy to pursue rather looking at it as a demon! IJMTR come out with its 1st edition of journal in January the year of 2012. It is a peered reviewed  bi – annual  journal. IJMTR  serving them since 2011

Our Team

The Contributors to and for the New Age Entrepreneurs

Prof. Sanjeev Sharma

Founder CEO & Director

The Founder CEO, Institute of Professional Life Guards and ICS is also Professor in Economics and was Former Dean (Mgt., DSITM). He has a been principal member of BIS on education standards ISO. Being an alumni from prestigious Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) he has learnt how to be your own brand? Rather than borrow someone else’s brand. 

Dr. Sandeep Sharma

Resource Person

Dr. Sandeep Sharma was a Former Research Fellow in the Chang Gung University at  Taiwan. Dr. Sharma was a Former H.O.D ECE,  in the DIT University at Dehradun. Dr. Sandeep Sharma earned his Doctorate degree from University of Delhi. He is a versatile personality and a strong believer in research, dedicated  fully in creating the products of tomorrow & for the better tomorrow. 

Dr. Yogesh Bhardwaj

Resource Person

Dr.  Yogesh Bhardwaj  is a well known icon as & when it  comes to the domain of an  expert strategist in the fields of: segment of Talent nurturing, the Organization Culture &  Effectiveness  by using new  age  technology. He believes in transforming workforce into  Competitive Differentiator that has acted as a game changer. To name a few organisation where he has marked the difference are as follow: National Dairy Development Board, Fidelity NIS (SecF), Amul & Intersoft.

Chandrashekhar Singh

Resource Person

Mr. Chandrashekhar Singh has a rich experience of about 15 years of academia and in the corporate world. Mr. Chandrashekhar Singh,  Currently is a head of  the Examination department at the prestigious AIMA, since more then a decade. He is known for his quality work & innovative management practicing ideas; synergize with not only ease of work but also  flair of leadership with the team building and nurturing the same time.  

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