Capacity identification

Capacity Identification, it is a process where a budding entrepreneur will be assisted by SEYE to identify its capacity w.r.t. one’s own skills set, philosophies about entrepreneurship, aptitude and attitude, outlook on entrepreneurship and whims & fantasies with fears to be understood and necessary to become an  Entrepreneur

Capacity building

Capacity – building, it is a “process of re – engineering” of an aspirant into an entrepreneur! This process immediately starts after the Capacity Identification process of a ward is completed. This is an important phase of the path of entrepreneurship, to fully unleash himself or herself into a true  Entrepreneur 

Business world scanning

Business scanning, it is a process where the budding entrepreneur will now look at this world and society living in as an entrepreneur  to identify and build upon a potential business plan to be converted into a future business, as per the Capacity identification and Building phases. Business  scanning is to facilitate the future of the organization.

lag analysis

Lag Analysis, is a process where one do business scanning to identify the possible lag(s) or gap(s) or improvement(s) available to be implemented  to be developed upon to strengthen the existing business of someone with your own business set up that fill up that gap(s). This filling up of gap(s) being present will help the existing business to reap better and more profit, whereas the new business will get their due profit for setting up this venture.

Follow blue ocean strategy

Blue ocean strategy, this strategy is known for the differentiation and low cost business to be opened in a market by creating a new business domain,  vertices and a segment that  not only strengthens the market but also broadens the market  size of the  product, by  creating  new demand. The pursuit of creating and capturing the untapped market space, hereby making the competition  irrelevant. Use  this strategy  and stay longer in the market by growing stronger.

Prepare business plan

…Know your business.

…Research and know your market.

…Love your customers.

…Start a venture with no rivals

…Respect your business, “it’s not just a document.”

…Check the Financials.

Drafting of financials

Know your Financial Goals.

…Respect Working Capital Management.

…Good Debt Management.

…Create a Plan to Invest.

…Get the Right Insurance.

…Plan for Taxes.

…Here you Go. Bingo!!!

Identifying the nature and type of finance

Finance is also the blood of business, like blood flowing in a body. Identification of the nature of Finance and the Type of Finance you need that suits the best for you, it is very crucial for your success in terms of Entrepreneurship. So, one cannot dare to disrespect the Finance whether, its decision:  Capital Financing, Working Capital Management or Financial Analysis. One cannot afford mismanagement of finance in any of the above – mentioned type, else you will be next Daewoo Motors Co. Ltd. Case Study!

Strategy to raise finance for project

Rise  above the traditional way of  finance system  of funding of a business  project! Try to build and get your financial model to fund your own business project (which suits you) that lowers down the cost of the capital. This is done to reduce the fixed cost burden on you that ends a potential business plan. Learn finance, develop and customize  your own  financial need(s)  by identifying the potential source(s) of low cost of finance for your dream business project. Strategy of Funding your project is very much important.

Setting up of a start up

Make a Business Plan.

Secure Appropriate funding.

Be with the Right People.

Hunt the Location.

Identify your Market.

Mark your presence in Digital World.

Create your Customers.

Get ready to Rock the business world

Receive your award

Bingo you have done it!

Get your award and Contribute to this society and the business world to the fullest.

SEYE was there and is there for you always to see you Blossoming and Flourishing with success.

Mark your presence in the Business World with your New Age Product.

SEYE will give you your due….

Award for which you joined SEYE and

Proud to be a Family Member of SEYE 


Country’s first and one of its kind course being designed by Institute of Contemporary Studies (ICS) where the course is aimed at developing young and amateur entrepreneurs! The new age entrepreneurs need new age contemporary course and new age evaluation. This will ensure the development of the true new age entrepreneur(s) rather stereo type ones. Hereby, the award of the course too, is uniquely designed, this is done so because the award shall be motivating such entrepreneurs who wants to start their start up! Therefore, the entire focus of the entrepreneurs will be only onto start up has to be set up. Also, at the same time there are neither terminal exam(s) nor any semester or Monday tests, exam(s). Hence, there are no deviations at all, the evaluation and the grading system also is  uniquely designed. The grading will be given on the basis of the start – up quality and way it is implemented!  With its uniquely designed curriculum  it is the only  contemporary course  in the country, which is so far being offered to the aspiring entrepreneur(s).