Frequently Asked Qusetion's

Anyone who has spirit to deliver more to society then being in Job.
Any stream just you need to be a rational visionary, a blood hound to identify opportunities.
Learn to identify how to raise funds for project. Today if your project is viable funds can be arranged
So, learn how to finance your project with your hypothesis of earning whether funds to be on interest / profit sharing / ROE / Dividends or debt model etc.
You will be ready to lead the world w.r.t. your project! Entrepreneur of the new age with a vision, creative, join the bandwagon of start-up world
One fails only when he / she stops working rationally, practically, honestly, not putting hard work, lose confidence in one own’s ability
Be rational, visionary, hard – working, honest, practical, believe in you, open to learning! The importantly learn to stay than run away when you face off with loss! Sustain in your project rationality will guide
You must be ready to face loss first! Every day is not a Sunday! If you can face loss and sustain, stay there in the field then yes profit has to come in
I will not tell you what to do! I will help you identifying your capacity and then you must learn to increase your capacity as per your project. Capacity identification and capacity building is a must for any entrepreneur!
If you like to cherish samosa on a rainy day or any other day then think you have not got it for free! You do business to earn money and not only money but also fame! Add value to it what other’s have failed to do so then you see! A samosa is sold in a hut type outlet to Haldiram’s to 5-star hotels! It depends how you perceive your labour and work on it!
If a movie can earn 500 crore rupees then why can’t you? Do you watch a movie for free? Food joints still earning hugh, retailers like Reliance Trends / Max / Stanmax / Pantaloons etc and crowded and doing good business, then where is recession?
IIM’s like institute’s are busy in producing good and efficient employees so called Managers not Entrepreneur’s! If they were in this business then they had not been boosting about giving 100% placements worth lakh or crore rupees package! This institute is one of its kind in world where institute will ensure and do its best to impart and inculcate entrepreneur in you! Institute is not opened to create good managers of tomorrow, as it is been done by numerous institutions. Institute is opened to create entrepreneurs of tomorrow
Yes, because they are similar program’s! The theory is sufficiently designed to cater the need of the program
The excursions are to give you an insight about existing business’s in the market and identifying possible gaps if any you can fill in or to create a relevant business yourself! So, no industrial visits, as it is not a MBA program